Features and Benefits

With Entrar the Benefits are Endless

The user interface of the ERP is an experience in itself. All the modules of the ERP are interrelated yet independent to ensure implementation and maintenance of individual module.

Entrar for Students

Get access to an amazing set of features, which will make learning fun and easy

Entrar for Parents

Stay connected, monitor, interact, and be a part of your child’s learning journey

Entrar for Faculty

Keep track of your students progress, enjoy faster processes and build deeper engagement

Entrar for Management

Get real time information from various departments, and track required data


Few of the salient features common across users include the following!

Zero maintenance

Our unique feature includes an easy editor to update your institution information from any computer by the authorised and assigned personnel.

Easy UI

Adding and customising content on your portal is easy thanks to an intuitive interface and the ability to integrate with external applications.

Flexible functionality and deployment

A scalable, standards-based platform means you can start small and rollout new features and functionality, as you are ready.

Fastest and Easiest Implementation of any ERP

Thanks to its parameter-driven, rule-based architecture, implementing Entrar is quick and easy.

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Entrar is elegant in its operational concept of a ‘Service Oriented Approach’

Registration Management

An online registration and tracking facility makes registration for the admission process simpler and faster.

Admission Management

The admission procedure is simplified by this module, which helps the student follow required process flows laid down by the institution.

Student Information Management

This module efficiently takes care of the entire learning journey of a student within the institution. From generating admit cards and dynamic letters, T/C process, academic records, to birthday reminders, this module has it all.

Attendance Management of Students/Staffs

Using biometric and NFC devices to track the attendance of students and staff. Attendance is auto-calculated by the software and can be easily shared with the students, parents, staff, and management. Regular absentees get auto alerts, which encourage them to be regular to institution.

Student Profiling & Individual Education Planning

Automated comments for each student profile are maintained and regularly updated for the smooth progression of every student. This serves as a referral point for future staff who will be working with any student.

Student/Parent Mobile Application

Students and parents get Real-time updates using push notifications from this module. Mobile applications are available for Android and iOS platforms.

GPRS & GPS Based Transport & Fleet management

Our Transport and Fleet Management system, combining GPS and GPRS, has the ability to enable live tracking of transport vehicles using the parent/student mobile application or the staff-student web portal application. Automatic SMS notifications are delivered to users when the vehicle reaches various trigger points (from start of the trip to 5-10 minutes before the pick-up/ drop points till finishing the trip).

Student Health Management

Working as a health tracker, this module contains data on students who are admitted to the infirmary, and specific medical needs and attention needed by each individual student. Past medical records can be accessed easily, to give the doctor a better understanding of the student’s health profile. Parents can also login to update information regarding the child’s health issues, allergies, and blood group type with the latest emergency contact numbers. SMS/ eMail notifications are sent to parents/guardians in case of any emergency.

Student Tracking

NFC cards help track each child from the moment he/she boards the bus or enters the institution gate, right up to the moment he/she reaches the drop point or leaves through the institution gate. The NFC card, in the form of student identity cards with a built-in chip has no radiation unlike the Bluetooth card, and will be provided by ENTRAR.

Fee Management with online payment gateway:

This module efficiently manages all students’ fees. Salient features include multiple receipt books, payment methods, collection clerks, and credit card/debit card/net banking. It also has simple and easy reporting formats which include due, overdue, cancellations, and discounted receipt reports.

Student/Parents/ Employee/Teacher Portal:

Parents/ students can log in to this portal to view examination grades, attendance records, behavioural issues, fee reports, curriculum, past question banks, video/ image galleries, and leave records. Anytime, anywhere.

Online School Digital Diary

Seamlessly bridging the gap between parents teachers and the management, the digital diary updates parents about their child’s academic performance and related information like remarks, attendance, complaints, and overview.

Time Table Management

This module generates time-tables automatically with the click of a button. Time table listings are available based on class/course/teacher/resource. Smart drag and drop features simplify the process of editing a timetable. The Time table module checks the class duration, faculty availability, avoids conflicts in timings, manages substitutions and substitution history.

Library Management

This module keeps track of allotment of books to the students and stock management of books.

Examination & Evaluation Management

This module makes Report Card generation for CBSE institutions easy by adhering to the regulations and automatic updates applicable from the CBSE board, New Delhi.

Document Printing

Issuing of transfer certificates and other important letters can be done faster using this module. Add to this complete student and staff details, including names, previous institutions, and blood groups, which can be documented and issued as individual identity cards.

Event Activity Planning

Notices and announcements can be posted by the administrator to keep parents, students, and staff informed about upcoming events, examinations, news, and other activities via this module.

Lesson Planning

Topic planning using course materials, online assessments, ebooks, student projects, discussion forums, time-tables, blogs, podcasts, etc., is contained within this module. Its engagement between teacher and student is robust enough to achieve good results.

Teacher Monitoring

The teaching management system will allow educators to allocate and arrange portions to teach in a systematic approach. Teachers can create a job table in advance, in order to achieve their aim and compare completion status of syllabus within the time frame allocated to them.

Reception/Visitor Management

Keeping track of all the visitors entering the campus is a tedious task. However, ENTRAR comes with a specific and secure solution for managing every visitor entry. Also onboard is an advanced booking feature.

Inventory Management

Fully fledged inventory and purchase management system with integrated requisition management. The process flow can also be attached in these systems with ease.

Online Election Management

This module assists in conducting elections within the institution with transparency, efficiency and accuracy. It includes nominations, multiple election posts, multiple votes for users, online secured voting, instant result, and publishing of the result.

Online Test / Mock Test

Conducting online examination has never been an easy task. ENTRAR’s ERP has the option to add or remove students, selective subject examinations, instant result declaration and other features like fill/ view information about the students that are attending the examination.

Notification/SMS/ Email Alert to Parents

Through Entrar, schools are entitled to automatic deliver the notifications, SMS and email which consists of important information regarding the institute/ School system with a click of a button by the authorised admin(s).

Entrar helps parents stay informed

Parents can log onto Entrar by visiting the school’s website with their unique username and password.

Entrar provides a wholesome approach for parents to interact, support, and be informed of their child’s progress and wellbeing at school.

  • Get connected to the institution effectively and easily
  • Frequent interaction with teachers
  • Active participation in institutions activities
  • Reliable update on child’s attendance, progress report, and fee payment
  • Prior information about institutions events and holidays
  • Online fees payment
  • Live school bus tracking
  • Regular and prompt availability of institutions updates through articles, discussion forums, image/video gallery, student attendance reports, academic reports and messaging system

Entrar helps schools manage their data

Entrar works to empower the heart of school operations with dynamic features; every user is equipped with their own user name and password.

Get real time information from various school departments, track information time data.

  • Campus Management
  • Zero redundancy in managing the institution’s records
  • Effective communication
  • Creation of school’s tech-savvy image
  • Complete automation of all operations
  • Best possible resource optimization
  • Auto-generation of timetables with dynamic substitute
  • Easy performance monitoring of individual modules
  • Automated and quick report generation
  • Authenticated profile dependent access to data
  • User-friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills
  • Design for unproblematic scalability
  • Elimination of people-dependent processes
  • Minimal data redundancy

Entrar helps empower faculty

Teachers form the heart of any educational institution. Empowering their jobs facilitates powerful teaching and authentic teacher-student relationships.

Teachers can log into Entrar through the school website and have a username and password.

  • Automated student attendance
  • Computerised management of marks and grades as per CBSE norms
  • Timetable creation in advance
  • Availability of more time for students
  • Efficient and effective interaction with parents
  • Access to a forum common to students and parents
  • Access to own and students’ attendance
  • Better organisation of institutional activities
  • Manage class information and analytical reports
  • E-mail & Internal messaging system
  • Preparation of lesson planning as per IISJ norms in a digital manner which is very time consuming if done manually

Entrar boosts student’s academic experience

Students log onto Entrar through their school’s website with their unique username and password.

After that they have access to an amazing set of features that boosts their academic experience.

  • Enhanced interaction with teachers, parents, and peers under the scrutiny of the management
  • Access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule
  • Freedom to browse through library books catalog and identify the book(s) to be issued
  • Prior information on events & holidays
  • Live school bus tracking
  • Regular and prompt availability of institutions updates through articles, discussion forums, image/video gallery, student attendance reports, academic reports and messaging system