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From planning and efficiently managing your institution, we are your one stop ERP solution.
SKOODLE offers you a holistic platform with a host of specialized smart products to choose from, that streamline the processes in your institution.
From Admin to Faculty, Students and Parents, our products have unique offerings for every stakeholder on the learning journey
Now monitor the performance of your institution, follow the progress of your students, accurately track school bus routes…enjoy enhanced efficiency in REAL TIME.
Our Products

ENTRAR , ENTRACK, ENTEACH & ENVISITOR include everything that your institution will ever need!

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An institution Management Software. The one-stop solution to ensuring the smooth functioning of your successful institution.


Our unique school-bus tracking system, which acts as a transparent communication channel between the school and the parents, notifying them about the location of the school-bus while the child commutes to/from school.


A highly versatile teacher App that a teacher can have in his/her tool box. With top notch message scheduling and remind features, it can play the vital role of facilitator in connecting students, parents and colleagues. Now all time tables, lesson planning, queries of students, parents, lesson information are all accessible on this App.


An app based Visitor management system for your school. We understand that while Security guards in your school spend a lot of time in communicating visitor details to the admin, there is a need to monitor the movement of visitors inside and outside the school premises. ENVISITOR solves all these visitor problems with an intelligent app based solution.